ADLER & ASSOCIATES counsels clients on the implementation, development and management of their intellectual property estate. Common areas of legal counseling include advising clients on issues of patentability, commercialization and freedom to operate as well as patent validity, infringement and enforcement.  

ADLER & ASSOCIATES has been a leader in creating cost-effective strategies to facilitate our clients meeting specific business objectives and long-term business goals. For example, ADLER & ASSOCIATES can create and maintain programs for identifying and patenting key inventions. ADLER & ASSOCIATES provides strategic advice on the development of patent and trademark portfolios, as well as the development of invention through commercialization and licensing. We evaluate litigation risks and provide cost-effective strategies for avoiding litigation. ADLER & ASSOCIATES provides opinions regarding the scope, validity and enforceability of patents and patent portfolios.

Portfolio Analysis
Companies are well aware that knowledge is power and similarly, corporate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the patent portfolio is strategically invaluable. ADLER & ASSOCIATES works with companies to identify key strengths and potentially damaging weaknesses in their patent portfolio.

Freedom to Operate Opinions

Freedom to operate opinions pertain to whether or not a proposed product will infringe one or more third party patents and thus relate to the extent to which a company is “free to operate” within a given market segment with a specific product. Freedom to operate opinions may be most strategic at the beginning of product development. A freedom to operate analysis can identify risks associated with product development allowing a company to “design around” existing patent rights prior to investing significant funds in a project.

Patent Prosecution and Securement
A comprehensive patent and intellectual property strategy is typically the centerpiece of any business strategy. Securing ownership rights of patents, registration of trademarks and copyrights is the foundation of an intellectual property strategy. ADLER & ASSOCIATES is skilled in all aspects of patent procurement, them including drafting applications and prosecuting before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and as well as in virtually every other Patent Office of significance.
Opinion Work and Infringement Analysis

Opinion work and infringement analysis are strengths of ADLER & ASSOCIATES. Opinions relating to potential infringement of a company’s product can be key to enforcement of a patent portfolio.

ADLER & ASSOCIATES provides a full complement of trademark legal services, including, for example, trademark searches, opinions on trademark clearance, selection, and enforcement and securement of trademark rights in the United States and internationally.